S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your S.A.V.V.Y. Brand (INFOGRAPHIC)

S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your S.A.V.V.Y. Brand

Goal setting is the cornerstone of success!  Without them we don't have a clear roadmap of where we are going.  Here is a SMART way you can meet your goals to help you build your SAVVY Brand! 

smartgoalsInfographic S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your S.A.V.V.Y. Brand (INFOGRAPHIC)


S = SPECIFIC: The goal you set should be simple and straight to the point.  It has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.  To set a specific goal you must answer the six “W” questions:

     1. Who:  Who is involved other than myself?

     2. What:  What specifically do I want to accomplish?

     3. Where:  Where do I want to accomplish my goal?

     4. When:  When do I want to complete my goal?

     5. Which:  Which challenges might I encounter? (requirements)

     6. Why:  Why do I want to accomplish this goal? (reasons, purpose or benefits)

M = MEASURABLE: Your goal should be measurable.  You should develop a benchmark or starting point (number) to measure your progress.  Many people set goals and will never know if they have attained them or not.  “To be happy” or “To be successful” is not a goal because there is no starting point or number to benchmark. To make your goal measurable ask questions such as:

     1. How much?

     2. What percent?

     3.How will I know when it is accomplished?

 A = ATTAINABLE: When you identify high-priority goals, your mind begins to figure out ways to achieve it.  Instead of asking “Can I do this” you begin to ask, “How do I do this” to make it happen.  You begin to get motivated and excited about what is necessary, you get the training and skills and/or resources needed to accomplish the task and develop the plan to make it happen. You begin to see opportunities that were previously overlooked that bring you closer to reaching your goals.

You can attain just about any goal you set when you have the steps planned out.  Develop an action plan to successfully complete baby-steps, put them on paper, and set a time-line to move you through the steps.  As you take each step that you’ve planned, your goals will seem more attainable.  You will grow to match your goals. Your confidence grows as you move through the steps towards your goals.  You then see yourself accomplishing the goal, which is just the fuel that is needed to propel you forward.

 R = REALISTIC: You and you alone are the only one who can determine if you have a realistic goal.  What is realistic to you may not be realistic to someone else.  Don’t “should” all over yourself.  It must be your goal not a “should have” or “ought to” statement.  Your objective must be believable and realistic to you. Imagine yourself completing the task.  What does it feel like?  Although believing is great it is far from actually doing the work needed to accomplish your goal. Set high expectations but then take the baby steps to get there.  Here are 3 things to ask yourself in being realistic about achieving your goal. 

     1.  On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to completing this goal? 

     2. Have you ever accomplished anything similar in the past?

     3. What circumstances must exist to accomplish this goal? 

T = TANGIBILITY:  You MUST set a time frame with a clear deadline.  A goal must have a target date for completion.  If you want to make a million dollars but don’t set a timeline for it, you have no reason to take any action.  Think about if you want to obtain a degree or advanced degree.  You have a degree plan to follow each semester or quarter in order to complete the process.  Once you complete each of those classes scheduled each semester and meet all the requirements you can look forward to graduation.  If your deadline is too far in the future it is too easy to blow off and goof around.  If it is set too close, it is too difficult to meet and it is discouraging.  Many times when setting goals we want it accomplished yesterday so it is often easy to get discouraged. Take your time and pace yourself.

Begin Now! Identify a goal and put your goal timeline into your planner.  

Use a Coach! A coach will help you grow by keeping you focused on your goals.  Not only are they great cheerleaders but they challenge you to think “outside the box” and try things you may not ordinarily do.  It is easy to get stuck, have a setback or lose sight of your goal and the coach is there to help you stay on track.  A coach will reflect back to you your strengths and successes that you often cannot see yourself. They will believe in you even before you believe in yourself.    

Enjoy the Process! Celebrate each milestone.  As you accomplish the baby steps in your goals and reach milestones be sure to enjoy and celebrate them along the way. Don’t get ahead of yourself and worry about the tasks and goals you have not yet accomplished.  Focus on the present and look at how much you have accomplished thus far.

In Closing…

Use these S.M.A.R.T. goals for Your S.A.V.V.Y. Brand so you can be:

S = Successful

A = Authoritative

V = Visible

V = Victorious

Y = "YOU"nique


 Supporting You One "Savvy Step" at a Time!

Share with me below…What is preventing you from reaching your goals?  

Looking forward to hearing from you!  



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