The Amex Blue Business Card – Is it right for you in 2024?

The Amex Blue Business™ cards are (in my humble opinion) are an excellent choice for anyone looking for another (or first) Business Credit card.

On both card options, you can get access to 0% interest on new purchases for the first 12 months, plus NO ANNUAL FEE. Depending on the current offers, you may also get a generous signup bonus.

To me, it’s really a no brainer choice.

For full transparency, I love to use these cards in my business and I may receive a reward for referring you if you use my links.

But is an Amex Blue Business™ Card for you?

You might think that you don’t earn enough money to apply for a business card, but these Amex Blue Business™ cards are really for anyone who operates any of the following:

  • A traditional business
  • Online business
  • Side hustle
  • eBay/Amazon selling
  • Gig work (Uber, Doordash)

You might not even have a business up and running yet, but you can still apply under your SSN and be approved, even if the business is still in the idea/planning stage.

So what card options do I have?

Option #1 – The Amex Blue Business Cash Card

If you don’t care about earning credit card points or membership rewards, and would prefer just to get cash back on purchases, then this is the card you’d want to pick.

The Amex Blue Business Cash™ card with give you a nice 2% Cash Back on All Eligible Purchases, on up to $50K in Purchases per year.

Amex Blue Business Cash™ Benefits

  • No annual Fee
  • 2% Cash Back on purchases
  • 0% Interest for the first 12 months

Option #2 Amex Blue Business Plus Card

If you’re interested in earning as many Amex membership reward points as possible (like I am!), then this is the Blue card for you.

There are many business credit cards that allow you to earn bonus points on purchases in certain categories (like flights, restaurants, office supplies), but only earn 1x on everything else.

The Amex Blue Business Plus™ card with give you a nice 2x Membership reward points on all Eligible Purchases, on up to $50K in Purchases per year.

This is the beauty of the Amex Blue Business Plus™, because across all the purchases you can’t earn bonus points on with other cards, you’re covered here.

Plus, there’s no reason not to have the card when there is no annual fee.

Amex Blue Business Plus™ Benefits

  • No annual Fee
  • Earn 2x Membership reward points on purchases
  • 0% Interest for the first 12 months

My Amex Blue Business Card Review

Personally, I chose the Blue Business Plus™ card as I prefer to earn points and use them towards travelling (flights and hotels). I took advantage of the 12 months interest free period to make some purchases to invest in my business, and it

How to apply for an Amex Blue Business Card

If you earn any kind of income (apart from your W2 job), you can apply for a business credit card from American Express.

You don’t need an LLC or EIN, as American Express will allow you to apply with just your personal SSN.

American Express make it really easy for you, especially if you’re just getting started.

You can easily apply here in a couple of minutes using your personal SSN or business EIN.

First Click the ‘Apply Now’ button:

Then fill in your details:

For full transparency, this is the card I use for my business and I may receive a reward for referring you.

Is applying for an Blue Business Card a Hard or Soft Enquiry?

If you’re already a client of American Express, applying for a Blue Business™ Card will be a Soft Enquiry.

Although, if it’s your first American Express Card, you will have a Hard pull on your personal credit.

The great thing about American Express is that once you’re in and want to apply for any other credits cards (business or personal) in the future, there will be no more hard pulls on your credit, only a soft enquiry.

What is the limit on the American Express Blue Business Card?

The credit limit on both Blue Business Cash™ Cards from American Express could ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 or more depending on your personal creditworthiness. It’s impossible for me to predict for you.

Are these cards hard to get?

In my experience, existing customers of American Express should have no trouble being approved for these cards,

But if you’re new to Amex, you should aim have a credit score of 700 or above to have the best chances of getting approved.

Final Thoughts

You can probably tell that I’m a fan of both these cards, as I use them in my business.

If you’re not a credit card person, i’d never recommend you get a card that you cannot handle.

But if you are, and want to take advantage of possible the best value business credit card deal, then for me it’s a no brainer!

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