Grants for Photographers – Updated 2024 List

This comprehensive list of Grants for Photographers presents a curated selection of prestigious awards, grants, and fellowships available to photographers and visual storytellers worldwide.

Spanning various themes from human rights to environmental conservation, from emerging talents to seasoned professionals, these opportunities provide not only financial support but also platforms for exposure, fostering artistic growth, and nurturing innovative visions.

Each of these grant programs underlines the profound impact and importance of visual narratives in our ever-evolving global society.

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Complete list of Grants for Photographers 2023

Aaron Siskind Solo Photography Grant
The Aaron Siskind Foundation extends select Individual Photographer’s Assistance grants, rewarding up to $10,000 each for those immersed in photo-driven artwork. Esteemed guest judges gauge based on artistic brilliance, past merits, and potential in the realm of photography. The Foundation aspires to bolster dedicated artists in the photographic domain.

Alexia Advocate Foundation
The Alexia Foundation endorses change-driven photographers, celebrating the profound impact of photojournalism in highlighting societal wrongs through grants and scholarships.

Earth’s Chronicles Photography Sponsorship
Blue Earth backs photo endeavors that enlighten audiences on vanishing cultures, imperiled ecosystems, or prevailing social issues.

Burn Magazine’s Rising Photographer Award
This grant champions the continuation of a personal project by a budding photographer, be it with journalistic intent or pure artistic aspirations, paving the path for future photography legends.

Carmignac Chronicle Photojournalism Prize
This award fortifies the recipient photojournalist’s reach, ensuring their work garners global attention. The Carmignac Foundation aligns with the winner, investing €50,000 for on-field endeavors, financing a distinctive monograph, and curating a traveling exhibition. The winner’s standout four photos find a home in Carmignac’s eminent art collection.

Visual Hub CENTER
Annually, CENTER provides two financial boosts for in-progress photographic endeavors, supplementing completion, and ensuring broader exposure and growth. They cater to fine art and documentary avenues.

Lange-Taylor Artistic Duo Prize
Incepted to inspire collaborations between visual and literary documentarians, reflecting the synergy of renowned photographer Dorothea Lange and writer Paul Taylor.

Roussel Historical Photography Award
This accolade is earmarked for artists dedicated to age-old/alternative photo techniques, including the classic silver gelatin.

Roussel Artistic Development Fellowship
Tailored to elevate the artist’s journey, this fellowship is enveloped with mentoring and resources, streamlining artistic aspirations.

Blaze Photography Grant
Annually, this grant champions a female photographer in finishing a documentary photo venture, with Genesis Imaging bolstering the grant amount and providing professional services.

Humanity’s Lens Initiative
Strives to financially buttress photographers chronicling poignant human tales and partners with NGOs for impactful narratives.

Visual Justice Book Prize by FotoEvidence
Annually, this award identifies a photographer bringing to light issues infringing on human dignity or rights. Chosen endeavors see the light of day in a FotoEvidence book, joining a series committed to unveiling social injustices.

Visionary Focus Grant
Encourages photo projects that diverge from commercial aspirations, championing personal and profound tales.

Getty Vision Grants
Supports narratives through Editorial Photography grants and Grants for Good, catering to collaborations with nonprofits.

Chapnick Development Grant
This $5,000 annual grant offers diverse avenues for photographers, from education and research to in-depth projects. The board prioritizes initiatives championing social evolution and pivotal photojournalism.

Parry Visual Quest Scholarship
Applicants present a portfolio and a project blueprint. Rewards include a £3,500 assignment fund and accolades for commendable entrants. Entry is complimentary.

Vision Catalyst Fund by Imagely
Bi-annually, this fund boosts photographers addressing paramount humanitarian or ecological concerns with $5,000 grants.

Morath Young Women’s Visual Award
Annually awarded to a female photographer below 30, aiding in an extended documentary project, chosen by Magnum Photos’ members and the Morath Foundation.

Artistic Spark Grants
Quartetly, Innovate Grant fuels artists and photographers. Recognizing the essence of innovation and ensuring artists aren’t bogged down by tedious grant procedures.

Creative Film Visionary Grant by iStock
Globally, this bursary recognizes ten emerging videographers, offering a collective $20,000 as a sign of support and encouragement.

iStock Short Film Creativity Grant: Resilience
iStock challenges creatives to produce a minute-long interpretation of “Creative Resilience” using their film archive. Rewards range from subscriptions to monetary grants.

Illumination Residency at LightWork Annually, Light Work hosts a dozen artists, offering a stipend, accommodation, exclusive studio access, and round-the-clock facility access.

LUCEO’s Student Visual Odyssey Award
LUCEO supports prolonged projects and budding photographers, presenting an annual grant to a student photographer cultivating a potent work.

Lucie Foundation’s Novice Visionary Grants
Rewarding three grants to support emerging photographers across varied fields, including Fine Art and Documentary/Photojournalism.

Magnum’s Urgency Photography Fund
This fund fortifies photographers deeply engaged in societal themes, capturing globally pressing issues or imminent threats.

Rivera-Ortiz Documentary Image & Film Grant
Announcing their call for documentary photo and film grant submissions, they encourage works reflecting global turmoil and injustices. Winners are unveiled during the renowned Les Rencontres d’Arles event.

Ocean’s Guardian Photography Grant
Seeks rising photographers, especially those skilled in underwater photography, emphasizing those lesser-known in mainstream media but holding potential.

Crescent City Photo Grants by New Orleans Photo Alliance
Offering two grants, they champion photographers utilizing the medium as an artistic expression.

Artistic Safety Net by NYFA Post-Hurricane Sandy, renowned foundations collaborated with NYFA to assist artists grappling with calamities.

Riff’s Craftsmanship Photography Prize
Open to artists tweaking traditional photography, either through vintage methods or physical alterations.

Humanity’s Gallery Grant by Photographic Museum
An opportunity for photographers to gain recognition from an eminent jury, ensuring visibility.

Visual Odyssey Grant 2019 by Photogrvphy
An annual $1,000 grant supports photographers curating a thematic series. Esteemed names in photography select the awardee.

Puffin Creators’ Boost
The Puffin Foundation breaks barriers in artistic expression, offering grants to marginalized artists.

Pulitzer’s Global Gaze Grants
Supports journalists crafting underreported international narratives, aiming for US media distribution.

Stronghold’s Photo Empowerment Grants by Reminders Proposes global networking and exposure, aiding in publicizing photographic endeavors.

Peck’s Freelancer Safety Net Grants by Rory Peck
Offers individual support to freelance journalists in dire circumstances.

Peck’s Freelancer Field Training Fund by Rory Peck
Training bursaries tailored for global freelancers, emphasizing those regularly in hostile zones.

VSCO’s Creative Pioneer Initiative
A solidarity movement with a $1M grant, it propels artists to chase their creative dreams.

W. Eugene Smith’s Empathy Photography Grant
Rewarded to a photographer resonating with W. Eugene Smith’s compassionate photography ethos.

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Wrapping up

Grants for photographers are definitely out there, so take advantage of any opportunities that may be most relevant for you.

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