Who plays Santa in the Rakuten Commercial? [Answered]

In the Rakuten Santa commercial, aptly named “Cash Back You Can Believe In”, we see Santa in a candid conversation with an elf about the merits of Rakuten’s Cash Back feature.

Santa confesses that while he’s usually wary of offers that sound too beneficial, he’s genuinely convinced by Rakuten’s cashback scheme.

Not merely viewing it as “holiday magic” as the elf suggests, but as a smart choice. Strolling past the diligent elves in the workshop, he appreciates their hard work and subtly hints to the elf about his firm belief in Rakuten.

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The Rakuten Santa Claus Commercial

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Who plays Santa Claus in the Rakuten commercial?

For its Santa Christmas advertisement, Rakuten recruited actor James Kirkland to step into the shoes of Santa Claus.

Who is James Kirkland?

The Actor James Kirkland is best known for TV series Criminal Minds (2005), Stevie TV (2012), My Long Distance Relationship (2008) and Valibation.

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