Want to Stand OUT on LinkedIn? Be OUTstanding!

LinkedIn has a variety of features that you can utilize to really help you stand out.  The number one step before implementing any of these tips is to have a fully optimized profile.  Next you have to be sure you engage with your audience.  There were 4 ways that the LinkedIn blog recently published to help you stand out from the crowd.

Here is my savvy take on the nitty gritty: 

1. Your Professional Photo 

Put your best face forward with a professional photo.  I find it interesting that there are still people on LinkedIn who do not have a photo as a part of their profile.  As a personal branding and career coach, I always encourage people to dress for the job they want and Linkedin seems to agree!  Be sure it is a recent photo and truly reflects who you are today.  If you have gained or lost 50 lbs then your photo should reflect what you look like today.

There is certainly no excuse for you not to have a photo as a part of your professional LinkedIn profile. This photo should be professional in nature.  Not your standard profile pictures that you find on Facebook.  Be sure to invest in professional photos to leave the perfect first impression.   

2. It’s All About the Update 

Professionals who share content on LinkedIn once a week are 10 times more likely to be contacted for a job or business opportunity. Be sure to share your expertise.  I constantly get connection requests and great feedback from my status updates.  This is a great way to stay top of mind with your niche and share valuable information that then in turn gets shared to others.  

You can connect your WordPress blog through the special app on LinkedIn and each time you do a blog post it will automatically show on LinkedIn. How convenient!  I love being able to hit one button and accomplish more than one action. You can also incorporate your Twitter feed on LinkedIn so it is visible within your profile. There are a variety of great LinkedIn Applications to explore.  Be sure you are sharing valuable, quality content that others are happy to share with their network. 

3. Create A Schedule

Take time to create a schedule for your LinkedIn updates.  As mentioned earlier, you can add LinkedIn apps to your profile to automatically update when you do something on another platform. You can use social media management tools such as Hootsuite to schedule and manage your updates.  Also be sure to take time to share live, up to the moment updates as well. 

4. Keep it Positive & Professional

LinkedIn is a professional resource for over 175 million users.  You want others to have positive interactions with you on LinkedIn. It is definitely not the place to rant, complain, argue or air your dirty laundry. It surprises me what people will do and say on social networks particularly Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t do it! LinkedIn is a professional platform in nature and these types of actions could come back to bite you later when you are just about to be offered that dream job or sweet business deal.  Always be professional…but professional can also be fun!  Follow others who have positive content and companies you want to connect with too!  Content should add value for you so you want to be providing value to others as well.    

In Closing…  

With more than 175 million professional users on LinkedIn, it is important for you to find small strategies you can implement to stand OUT.  A professional photo, status updates, scheduling and sharing valuable positive content are great starters to help you be OUTstanding on LinkedIn! 

 Supporting You One “Savvy Step” at a Time!

Share with me one strategy you will implement to help you stand OUT on LinkedIn. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!  

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