8 Tips to Get Your Dream Job Using Linkedin

LinkedIn has proven to be a great networking site where you can advance in your professional career. Having a strong network connection on LinkedIn entails a great opportunity of finding your dream job. Your professional colleagues, classmates, co-workers, and friends might be connected with someone who used to work or is still currently working at the company you would like to get into.

Before making yourself known, you will have to prepare yourself for the introduction. Remember, you only have one opportunity to impress a person so make sure that you have all the professional qualities needed for the job and the company.

Here are 8 tips to help you with preparing yourself for getting your dream job using LinkedIn:

1. Build Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile represents your online image. How you present yourself through your profile influences the way professionals see you. Be creative in building your LinkedIn profile. Include all your relevant professional experiences and be specific with the information. Upload a professional headshot. Having a picture of yourself makes people better able to relate to you. A professional photo also makes you more memorable. 

 2. Connect to People You Know

You have to be confident in terms of getting a connection. Connect with people who might be good for your professional career and ask for endorsements and recommendations. You never know who others are connected to. You might find out they know people on your list of dream companies. They may be able to recommend you to contacts within companies they are connected with to expand your network. 

 3. Join Groups

Expand your network by joining groups. Actively participate in your group to enhance your image. You can answer questions and advise fellow group members whenever someone addresses particular topics that involve your niche. Be sure to provide accurate information. You can also tap into your personal experience and expertise. 

Did you know: LinkedIn is one of the 25 longest social media names.

4. Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations are very important in your professional career when using LinkedIn and help tremendously in acquiring your dream job. Hiring managers and recruiters read your recommendations and take them into account when evaluating your qualification.

Recommendations also boost your profile quality. Hiring managers and recruiters may likely know the person who recommends you.

 5. Research the Company 

The best way to get into the company and get your dream job is to research the company and details of the job. Be sure to identify the company’s background and goals. Do you have the right qualification to help them achieve their goals? Are your skills and qualifications a good fit for their needs? Do you have experience in their business areas? If you can positively answer all of these questions then go on and apply for the job.

6. Get Involved in Discussions

Social media is a great tool for communication and building relationships with people that share common interests. LinkedIn groups are an excellent place to start engaging with other professionals in your field or industry. Participate in conversations and leave meaningful comments that demonstrate your expertise without appearing pushy. 

7. Use the Right Language

Be sure to use the right language and avoid using irrelevant words. Don’t forget, your potential employers are likely to read your profile when they decide whether or not you’re a good fit for the job. Use keywords related to the position you’re applying for that may be included in their job description.

In Closing

I would like to encourage you to utilize the incredible connected power of Linkedin to help you obtain your dream job and make valuable connections. 

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