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Move over traditional resume…your LinkedIn "BRAND"tastic Bio is the new and improved Social Savvy Resume!  With so many professionals looking to make connections, LinkedIn is the networking site that has a high ROI (return on investment) because the connections made on this social networking site produces both business and career opportunities for over 100 million users.

I remember when I first signed up with LinkedIn several years ago.  I set my page up with a photo and very basic information and then really did not know what to do next so it just sat around.  I then learned how to harness the power of LinkedIn and the wonderful opportunities it presents.  By optimizing your profile, you can be found by other professionals who want to connect with you which could lead to a new job, a new business venture, more sales, or other income producing opportunities. 

Strategies that will be addressed in your session on how to craft a "BRAND"tastic BIO and how to make your Profile POPincludes:

·       Promoting your personal brand on your LinkedIn profile

·       Making your strengths and skills easily identifiable

·       Being crystal clear on what you offer so your connections can refer you to colleagues and be able to explain to them what you do

·       Staying current with frequent updates on your profile

·       Sharing what others want to see who may do business with you or hire you

·       Properly identifying your niche

·       Standing out from others in your niche instead of blending in 

·       Crafting a powerful headline and summary that passes the 2 second testimage021 Linkedin Branding Package

Your Savvy LinkedIn "BRAND"tastic Package Includes:

·       Personal Branding Assessment

·       60 – minute phone consultation to interpret your personalized assessment and provide focused savvy branding strategies.

·       Audit of existing page or setup of new profile page (content provided by client)

·       Inclusion of *Branded Bio or Resume (provided by client)

·       Search engine optimized branded profile so you can be found on LinkedIn

·       Strategies to assist you with the structure of your brand message.

·       Action Plan so you can implement what we discussed so you can be found by  others who want your products and services or want to hire you for an employment  opportunity. 

·       Strategy to identify clients or employers

·       Recording of your session

   *(Branded Bio or Resume Creation additional cost)


LinkedIn "BRAND"tastic Package:  


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