New Year…New Career! Explore Your Career in 5 Easy Steps [CAREER INFOGRAPHIC]

New Year…New Career!

Explore Your Career in 5 Easy Steps

newyearnewcareer3Infographic New Year...New Career! Explore Your Career in 5 Easy Steps [CAREER INFOGRAPHIC]

What better time than the new year to Jump Start Your Career!  The first step in exploring careers is exploring within yourself and asking the question, “What is most important to me?”  You want to choose a career that interests you.  It is very important to realize that this decision does not always define or determine your career.  Many people will, at some point, pursue occupations unrelated to their ultimate dream job.  What do you feel passionate about?  By discovering yourself, you will learn your Interests – what excites you.  Skills – things you do well;

Values – what is most important to you; Personality – why you do the things you do.  This exploration is accomplished by moving through 5 stages of Career Development: 

1.     Self Assessment/Exploration

·      Learn about yourself by taking assessments such as a personality assessment, Strengths assessment or personal branding assessment.  These assessments are designed for specific things such as measuring your interests, values, personality and garnering feedback from others.  

·      Talk with a Career Coach or Career Counselor who will be able to assist you with this which can be an overwhelming process.  Career Coaches/Counselors will be able to assist you with interpreting career assessments, choosing a major if you are considering a college program, career exploration, career advancement, transition or reinvention, job search and interview preparation.

·      Identify your motivated skills – skills you enjoy using and incorporate those into your decision.  A word of caution:  no test, workshop, class, computer program or career coach or career counselor will answer the question of what you should do with your life.  The answer can only come from you!  Please use these resources to assist you in making an informed decision.  

2.     Career Exploration

·      Investigate the world of work.  Do Your Research!  Find out what jobs will be suitable for you.  You will discover information about the occupation or business opportunity you are considering such as:  job outlook, potential earnings, training/educational requirements and related occupations.  One of my favorite sites that I use in helping clients discover career options is the Occupational Outlook Handbook. 

3.     Goal Setting & Decision Making

·      Identify where your goals and interests intersect the world of work whether you are working for yourself as a business owner or as an employee for a company.

·      Next, make a decision about what you would like to pursue. 

·      I wrote a complete blog post on Goal Setting. 

4.     Testing your career

·      Resources to explore interests and gain career-related experience

o   Internships/Co-ops – These are great opportunities to “try out” your career option whether you are just starting out or reinventing yourself for a new possibility.

o   Volunteer – Some of the best experience comes from volunteering. You gain valuable experience.

o   Part-time employment – Get a job in your career of interest.

o   Community Resources – Community Groups, Chambers of Commerce

o   Course Sampling – Online Courses, College Courses, Self-Study Courses

o   Informational Interviews – Talk with someone who is doing the job you are interested in pursuing.  Ask questions such as; What do you enjoy most about your position? What are the challenges?  How did you land in your position?

o   Career Events – Attend seminars, job fairs and other Career and Business related events for maximum exposure.

o   Find a Mentor/Coach – These are people that will help you stay focused and provide you accountability to assist you in reaching your goals.   

5.     Action/Implementation – Act, Re-evaluate, Modify and Move Forward! 

In Closing…

By exploring your career and identifying what you bring to the table, you can develop a fantastic foundation for your career.  Happy Exploring! 

 Supporting You One "Savvy Step" at a Time!

Share with me below…What assessment tools you have used to explore your career?  

Looking forward to hearing from you!  

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